Rezoning of land in Spencerville for a proposed retail store received a favorable recommendation from the DeKalb County Plan Commission in a meeting Nov. 21.

The commission recommended rezoning 1.77 acres from village commercial to neighborhood commercial.

The recommendation goes to the DeKalb County Commissioners, who are scheduled to vote on the rezoning in their meeting Dec. 3 at 1:30 p.m. in the courthouse at Auburn.

Spencerville Community Club Inc. owns the property, which lies to the north and northeast of its clubhouse at 5629 C.R. 68. The site proposed for the store includes frontage along S.R. 1.

The county’s planning staff endorsed a favorable recommendation. The site’s current zoning of village commercial is designed for existing businesses. Neighborhood commercial zoning allows “small-scale retail goods and services required for regular or daily convenience of nearby neighborhoods and agricultural areas.”

A planning staff report said the rezoning is the first step toward an approved development plan.

Plan Commission members voted 7-1 to give a favorable recommendation, with Bill VanWye opposed, said zoning administrator Chris Gaumer.

On Nov. 26, County Commissioner Randy Deetz said everyone who spoke at last week’s meeting favored the rezoning except for the closest neighboring resident. Deetz represents the county commissioners as a member of the Plan Commission.

Two months ago, the county Plan Commission sent a “not-favorable” recommendation to the county commissioners on a similar rezoning application for neighborhood commercial use at the corner of S.R. 1 and C.R. 68 at the south edge of Spencerville. Reports said about a dozen people spoke in opposition to zoning the site for a retail store at a September meeting, some of them citing traffic concerns about the location on a curve in S.R. 1.

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