Pet CBD Oil

CBD oil is available for pets at Green Dog Goods.

Once the Indiana General Assembly legalized cannabidiol (CBD) oil back in March, almost every health food store and pharmacy started stocking the substance of its shelves.

Not only have the medicinal benefits of CBD oil on humans been lauded by advocates and doctors alike, but those benefits appear to carry over to the family pets as well.

Ever since Green Dog Goods in Fort Wayne started carrying CBD oil behind the counter for purchase, co-owner Jody Norton said that she has dozens of customers coming in each week inquiring about the substance. Many of those customers, Norton said, come in already having done their research or carrying a veterinarian’s recommendation about giving their pets CBD oil.

“Since it’s not been legal very long, we don’t have a long track record,” Norton said. “But people are coming back. It’s been very successful for what the customers have been using it for.”

The most common ailments that the CBD oil has been purchased to treat in pets, according to Norton, are joint inflammation from arthritis and anxiety. While Norton said that she has heard nothing but good results from customers who bought oil, not much medical research has been done on it and the benefits remain anecdotal.

In addition to selling the oil, which is infused into a coconut oil “carrier,” the store also sells capsules and doggie treats with the substance as well as a topical ointment for joint inflammation. Norton called the CBD oil a “rapid growth product,” and said that she sees between 15 and 20 new customers every couple weeks looking to buy CBD oil products.

“That’s a lot of customers to buy any one thing all at once,” Norton said. “It’s really piqued people’s interests.”

Of course, like any substance, there are caveats to its use in both humans and pets. Norton emphasizes to all of her customers that CBD oil is not a cure-all and should not serve as the only source of care for pets with medical needs.

“We don’t think this is a replacement for vet care,” Norton said. “We work with vets and want everybody to know that vet care is the primary. CBD oil is a great supplement.”

Before Norton sells any customer CBD oil, she insists on having a conversation with the pet owners to understand the needs of the pet as well as whether or not any of the pet’s per-existing conditions could be exacerbated by the treatments.

“We want to make sure it’s used appropriately,” Norton said. “We want people to get some education on how to use it so they’re not just buying it off the shelf.”

Norton also does her part to make sure that the CBD oil she sells to her customers is produced safely and correctly to ensure that pets are receiving the treatments promised without any risks or complications attached.

“(Processing) can be done very safely or less responsibly,” Norton said. “We’re very cautious about who we work with and where this company sources its hemp oil and where they grow the hemp and how they process it.”

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