Grand Rapids, Michigan-based workplace design company Custer opened its new Fort Wayne showroom Oct. 13.

“This just felt like home,” CEO Todd Custer said during the event of the company’s 5,000-square-foot space in the Superior Lofts at 104 W. Superior St.

Custer leads the company — started by his father in 1981 — along with his co-owner brother, Mark, the business’ head of sales.

The company got into the Fort Wayne market through its acquisition of Fort Wayne-based Productive Business Interiors, 126 W. Columbia St., which it announced in September 2019.

Custer provides more than furniture. It can create a workspace that includes flooring, custom woodworking, and signs along with integrated technology.

“Our expertise is space,” Todd Custer said.

The large windows of the Superior Street property, just yards away from Promenade Park, proved the right fit, he said.

Custer has been a dealer for Steelcase’s workplace equipment for the former’s 39 years.

“A lot of people in Grand Rapids that’s what you did, worked for Steelcase,” Custer said, including his parents and great-grandparents. The business now has seven locations in Michigan.

“This is our first entry into northern Indiana, so we’re really, really excited,” Custer said.

Its corporate spaces can use boardroom tables and long sleek couches for waiting rooms. Its education setups include a 16-foot moss wall and Slope leather chairs.

Going into 2020, ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company had projected $60 million in annual sales.

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