A month before an extended contract between Parkview Health and insurance company Anthem of Indiana is set to expire, the two sides met. Parkview had until June 30 to respond to Anthem’s conditions. However, it asked for two more days, until July 2.

Neither side had comment about the terms of the June 27 meeting as of press time. However, on Anthem’s website at anthem.com/ftwaynebusinesscoalition, it said of the June 27 meeting, “Dialogue focused on reducing the high cost of health care at Parkview and closing the gap between the two organizations’ proposals. Anthem presented a proposal June 18 and Parkview committed to present a counterproposal on June 30.”

If no agreement can be reached before the contract expires, those covered by Anthem/Blue Cross health plans who use Parkview doctors or facilities will be charged out-of-network prices, which are usually significantly more than in-network prices.

Anthem sought earlier this year to terminate its contract with Parkview. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the contract was extended 90 days until July 28.

Anthem has cited an independent study in 2019 by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research institute, that found that the costs Parkview charges private health plans, like Anthem, are nearly four times higher (395%) relative to the prices allowed by Medicare.

Parkview says the data in the RAND study is extremely limited; Medicare rates are not an appropriate benchmark for commercial rates; the RAND study uses misleading data; and Indiana’s insurance premiums are below average compared with other studied states.

In addition to letters, Parkview is keeping patients informed though a website at www.parkview.com/about-us/anthem.

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