West Edge Park entrance sign

A sign on a fence marks the entrance to West Edge Park, a manufactured housing community of approximately 500 households in west Auburn. It has been purchased by Crown Communities LLC of California.

AUBURN — Crown Communities LLC of California has purchased the West Edge Park manufactured housing community of Auburn.

With 660 units, the park is one of the largest in Indiana, and the new owners intend to keep it at high quality, said Alexander Cabot of Crown Communities.

The new owners bought the property April 1 from the children of the late Burt and Elsie Dickman, who founded West Edge Park in the mid-1960s.

“The Dickmans spent 50-odd years making that a nice place to live. We want to continue that legacy,” Cabot said.

“We want to put a lot of money into the community and assure that it epitomizes the standard of manufactured-housing-community living in the state of Indiana,” Cabot added.

Crown Communities owns and operates 15 manufactured-housing facilities across the nation with 3,000 total space, Cabot said. West Edge Park now becomes its largest.

“We are owner-operators,” Cabot said. “We are going to continue operating West Edge as a manufactured-housing community indefinitely.”

Crown also will continue retail sales of manufactured homes and expects to be shipping its first homes into the community in the third quarter of 2021, he said.

The company will buy all of its homes from manufacturers around Northeast Indiana to support the local economy, Cabot said.

With current occupancy at approximately 500 households, West Edge Park has room to bring in new residents by selling unoccupied homes and developing vacant sites.

“We are not anticipating expanding the physical park at this point,” Cabot said.

Communities the size of West Edge Park are extremely rare, he said, adding, “That’s a testament to the fact that the Dickmans did an excellent job building it out over the years.”

Crown Communities primarily emphasizes tenant ownership of homes, but will have a limited number of renters, Cabot said.

“We think it’s a good business, and we really strive to manage high-quality communities. We want our properties to be places that people can be proud to call home,” he said.

“Auburn is a town on the move, and we’re excited to be part of the future there,” Cabot said. He added that he appreciate the company’s courteous treatment by everyone in the city.

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