The Zacher Company

Joy Neuenschwander, CPM, represented the buyer, Andy.H, LLC, in the purchase of a 10,500-square-foot office building at 2415 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne.

Neuenschwander also represented both the landlord, West State Plaza, LLC, and the tenant, Indiana Tech, in the lease renewal of a 1,500 square-foot office space at 2614 W. State Blvd., Fort Wayne.

Neuenschwander also represented both the landlord, DCL Scott Corp., and the tenant, Bassett & Associates, in the lease extension of office space at 5732 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne.

Neuenschwander and Fletcher Moppert represented the landlord, Alea Properties Office I, LLC, and Neuenschwander represented the tenant Isch Counseling Services, LLC, in the lease of office space at 7230 Engle Road, Fort Wayne.

Moppert represented the landlord, BNG Development, LLC, in the lease renewal of 2,538 square feet of office space at 10002 Auburn Park Drive, Fort Wayne, to Mark DelBello, M.D.

Moppert also represented the landlord, BNG Development, LLC, and Dan Gabbard represented the tenant, Infinity Home Solutions, LLC, in the lease of a 1,895-square-foot office space at 10020 Auburn Park Drive, Fort Wayne.

Moppert also represented the landlord, Crosby Real Estate Investments, LP, in the lease of a 1,200-square-foot industrial space at 2745 Freeman St., Fort Wayne, to Bugs Be Gone.

BND Commercial Press Release

Steve Wesner represented the tenant, O’Reilly Office Supply Company, Inc, in their lease renewal of 4,800 square feet at 2801 Freeman St., with landlord, MRM Real Estate & Development, LLC.

Breck Johnson represented the seller, JATS, LLC, in the sale of 1,984 square feet at 301 Airport North Office Park to buyer, EAY Properties, LLC d/b/a Miss Emily’s Pet Salon.

Carolyn Spake-Leeper represented both the seller, Ridgewood Medical Park, LLC, as well as the buyer, Hazelett Enterprises, LLC, in their purchase of 0.80 acre in the Ridgewood Professional Park, 7318 W. Jefferson Blvd. and Aboite Road.

David W. Nugent represented the seller, Toenges Realty, Inc., in the sale of 9,000 square feet at 2415 Hobson Road to buyer, Andy.H, LLC.

Karl Behrens and Phil Knapke represented the seller, The Aboite Corporation, in the sale of 1.37 acres on Coventry Lane, Village of Coventry, to buyer, Superhost Hospitality, Inc.

Behrens and Knapke represented the seller, K&H Realty Corp., in the sale of 1.18 acres, Lot 3, Dupont and Tonkel roads, to buyer, Freeland Realty, LLC.

Jessica Huffman represented the landlord, AJ’s, LLC, in the leasing of 1,200 square feet in Northbrook Village II, 10020 Lima Road, to tenant, Fort Wayne Cycle House.

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