Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters on Sept. 15 filed exploratory paperwork with the county election board as a first step toward examining another run for Fort Wayne mayor, this time in 2023.

Peters, in an announcement, touts his “vast experience in both city and county government as well as in the and private sector.”

He lost the 2007 Republican primary to Matt Kelty, who was convicted of campaign finance charges in his run against current Mayor Tom Henry. The Democratic Henry is in his fourth straight term.

Peters said in the announcement, “Filing this exploratory committee will provide me with the opportunity to look at a mayoral run through a finer lens. This will give me the chance to better understand the work that will be necessary to be successful in this venture and the issues that matter the most to the citizens of Fort Wayne.”

Peters is a Snider High School and Indiana University graduate. From the latter he earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Affairs.

He previously has served as director of human resources for Taylor Made Systems, Inc., and as vice president of human resources for Connor Corp. in Fort Wayne. Before that, he served as director of human resources for the city of Fort Wayne, and as Allen County human resources director.

He is credited as helping to strengthen economic development efforts in Allen County, which have already totaled over $1.5 billion this year and over $1billion in the previous four years. Some of these projects included; Meijer Dupont, Electric Works, The Bradley Boutique Hotel, Lutheran Hospital, Amazon, Sweetwater and Parkview Hospital.

While the business climate has improved dramatically during Peters’ time in office he said, “Now is not the time to take our foot off of the gas pedal. We have made great strides on so many fronts and I have helped to develop a landscape providing great business opportunities. We must maintain that momentum to ensure that companies will want to continue to expand and locate here.”

Peters has also been credited with having been the architect for the Emergency Management/Homeland Security mergers as well as the 911/Communications department and the integration of the Department of Planning Services and the consolidation of the city of Fort Wayne and Allen County Geographic Information System and information technology boards. He also played a key role in combining the Fort Wayne Allen County Alliance and the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce into what is now Greater Fort Wayne, Inc.

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