Fort Wayne Assembly plant Silverados

These Fort Wayne Assembly plant-made Chevrolet Silverados were headed to the Indianapolis 500 track before May 26’s race.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials loved the look of Chevrolet’s redesigned Silverado pickups but planned to do much more than show off 25 of them selected for participation in activities leading up to the Indianapolis 500.

Doug Boles, president, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, talked about the importance of the truck in preparing for and running the annual national racing event and related activities.

His remarks were delivered where the trucks were made, at General Motors Co.’s Fort Wayne Assembly Plant near the intersection of U.S. 24 and Interstate 69 in Roanoke.

They followed an announcement by Mark Sobczynski, Silverado marketing director, that the 2019 all-new Chevrolet Silverado would again be the official truck of the Indy 500 as well as the 500 Festival Parade.

“Come this weekend on Saturday (May 25), you will see the Silverado leading the parade floats through downtown,” Sobczynski said in a news conference. “And then, importantly on Sunday (May 26, Race Day), it will also play a leading role in honoring the men and women of our military with our honorary military parade laps around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”

One of the biggest relationships the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has is its connection with Chevrolet, which goes back more than 100 years, dating back to its beginnings, Boles said.

“We always tell people when we wander around the state of Indiana that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the Indy 500 is not an Indianapolis asset, it is an Indiana asset,” he said.

“And this connection to Fort Wayne is a perfect example of that. This plant here with 4,300 people that is putting out 1,300 trucks a day is a perfect reason to get out of Indianapolis and reconnect to the entire state of Indiana.”

Boles and Sobczynski spoke about GM’s association with the annual race near a Chevrolet Corvette pace car and official Chevrolet Silverado military truck as well as a long double line of the white pickups the company soon would have driving to Indianapolis for the event.

“The trucks that you see here are not just trucks that are going to be used on Race Day to move those military men and women around, or on Parade Day to move the floats around for the 300,000 people that are downtown for the parade,” Boles said.

“These are the trucks that from the moment we start thinking about the Indy 500 and our events, help us put those events on,” he said.

“We work really, really hard to get things set up in our 1,000-acre facility for 300,000-plus people to come and enjoy the Indy 500, and it starts in the backs of these trucks as we really set the Indianapolis Motor Speedway up.”

In addition to their great utility, the redesigned trucks are really fun to drive, Boles said.

“What I love about the Silverado truck is not only is it a great workhorse truck, it’s a great truck to have on the weekends, to get you back and forth from home,” he said.

“We have a blast driving the Silverado trucks and couldn’t be happier to have them as the official truck for the Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis 500 Parade that takes place on (May 25).”

Workers at the plant are represented by United Auto Workers Local 2209, and before their drive to Indianapolis, many of the facility’s workers, union officials and managers had their pictures taken with the Chevrolet Corvette pace car and official Chevrolet Silverado military truck.

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