Business and industry continue to use more energy while aspiring to deliver goods and services at lower carbon intensity. Indiana has a strong industrial sector that uses a lot of energy. Northeast Indiana has a little recognized but huge opportunity to lead and develop a new industry cluster that could provide lower carbon energy and products for markets regionally to internationally. This industry cluster could focus on hydrogen and ammonia energy and on products for their end users.

Development of hydrogen energy and the hydrogen economy has pursued hydrogen highways and lighthouse cities. Ammonia energy is very similar to hydrogen energy. Our region could become an ammonia lighthouse region, Fort Wayne an ammonia lighthouse city. Local energy and pipeline infrastructure suggests this to be possibly feasible.

For instance, Terrestrial Energy USA, a sponsor of the Ammonia Energy Association, has confirmed a possible business case for a northeast Indiana site to combine its IMSR (Integral Molten Salt Reactor) with utility scale electricity generation and industrial scale ammonia synthesis. (The IMSR is a 4th generation advanced nuclear reactor. Depending on engineering studies, as many as a dozen or so reactors might match the appropriate scale for the project.)

Such a facility could anchor the development of an entire new ammonia energy industry cluster in our region.


Daniel Miller, MBA

Aspiring northeast Indiana entrepreneur

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