U.S. 30

Indiana Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting on plans to turn U.S. 30 into a limited-access freeway.

Business leaders are being encouraged to attend an open house on the planned U.S. 30 limited-access freeway work.

The Indiana Department of Transportation will host the meeting in person 5-7 p.m. June 10 at Sweetwater’s Conference Room 2ABC, at 5501 U.S. 30 West, Fort Wayne, as well as online. Presentations will take place at 5:30 and 6:30.

Attendees can share information on the land use and knowledge of the area and find out the results of the preliminary investigations that have been completed thus far. The study team is seeking comment from the public regarding the analysis as well as information that can benefit future project development.

All participants are asked to register for the event online at https://projectmeetingonline.com/us-30-corridor-study/. To have an accurate number of attendees to meet COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, INDOT is discouraging walk-ins. Those attending should park near and enter Door 3 and are encouraged to wear masks. Those wishing to attend virtually will receive an email with a link to join the meeting after they register.

The conversion of U.S. 30 to a limited-access freeway is deemed critical to Northeast Indiana. As pointed out in a notice from the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, “according to an INDOT analysis, the transformation of U.S. 30 to a limited-access freeway will reduce the number of crashes along the corridor by 323 per year, reduce the number of fatalities by four year by year, create 10,000 new jobs and add $900 million in real personal income growth.

“U.S. 30 is a critical lifeline in support of the transportation of goods, services and products of one of the most manufacturing-intensive regions in Indiana to a global marketplace. The transformation of this corridor into a freeway is a testament to the unified commitment of the business community leaders across Northeast Indiana to step up to meet the needs for both increased safety and efficiency.”

U.S. 30 runs from the East Coast through Ohio, across Fort Wayne and into the Chicago area. In addition to Sweetwater, several other businesses in the area, including Steel Dynamics Inc., rely on U.S. 30 to move their materials. However, as it is now, the highway experiences traffic backups in certain areas.

“The purpose of the U.S. 30 Corridor Study is to successfully plan a transportation improvement strategy that best reduces congestion, improves safety and accommodates future corridor growth at the intersections of U.S. 30 while minimizing impacts to environmentally sensitive areas and supporting opportunities for economic development,” according to the partnership.

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