Amy Anderson of Joppa Minerals holds her granddaughter Onnalee surrounded by her daughters Antastasia, left, Kayla and Hayley, in the new Joppa location at 538 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne.

Amy Anderson of Lake James started Joppa Minerals in 2006 with $200 and a few all-natural, nonallergenic ingredients in her kitchen.

Now, the award-winning cosmetics company has two locations, one on Public Square in Angola and another in Fort Wayne. Joppa recently relocated to 538 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne, in a former wedding venue with Sugar Love Boutique.

“A lot of people are very curious to see what Sugar Love and we have done with the building,” said Anderson’s daughter Hayley Stout, who operates a spa within the Joppa store.

“I’m thrilled with it,” Anderson said. The location is great; there is plenty of space, and having Sugar Love and Joppa in one building drives extra business for both.

In addition, Joppa is featuring custom furniture and home accessories by Not Too Shabby, a former downtown Angola business operated by Retta Lewis. Not Too Shabby’s physical location is now in Roanoke.

Joppa Minerals Full Coverage Mineral Foundation was Anderson’s first product and remains Joppa’s best seller. All of Joppa’s products are original and cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free and paraben free. Anderson referred to them as “craft cosmetics” and was one of the first in the area to market custom skin care products.

“These are my formulas,” she said, “my ideas.”

The Joppa skin care line is geared toward “those in need of gentle cosmetics and those who prefer to use natural cosmetics for ‘green’ reasons,” says the company biography at, where products can be purchased online. They are also available wholesale.

One of Joppa’s goals is affordability. It has repeat customers nationwide, Anderson said, and a strong local following. Those who want to learn more are encouraged to visit the Fort Wayne or Angola store. One of the Joppa specialists will do a makeover for a new client, providing a first-hand experience in the product line. And, unlike some department store makeup counters, Joppa won’t do half the face and charge for the other half, Anderson said.

Hayley offers spa services in-store by appointment such as waxing and natural eyelash extensions and enhancements, including a lift and tint, “which is essentially a perm for your eyelashes,” Hayley said.

“I am thrilled to have Hayley here working with me,” Anderson said, cradling her infant granddaughter, Onnalee.

“One of the blessings of starting my own business was being able to have my kids with me, and now I have my granddaughter with me,” she said, smiling. Her daughters Kayla, a freshman at the University of Saint Francis, and Anastasia, an Angola High School sophomore, also work in the store.

Both Joppa and Sugar Love are one-of-a-kind, female-owned businesses. Sugar Love is owned by Jill Hite; her daughter Katie Schooley of Fort Wayne also works in the boutique. Schooley said she loves the location and the ability to offer customers a “full experience” with Sugar Love’s unique clothing line and Joppa’s skin and body care products.

“We are always doing different things and teaming with different businesses,” Anderson said. “That’s what makes our company great.”

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