Mudworks Pottery Inc

534 N 50 W, Albion

Jane Berner

Dale Cox Trucking LLC

2265 E 125 N, Albion

Dale Eugene Cox

Rice And Sons Landscaping And Services LLC

43 West Herron Drive, Albion

Registered Agents Inc

Blaire Biomedical, Inc.

907 S Wayne St., Suite 105, Angola

Joseph M. Wolfcale

Stroop, LLC

219 Northcrest Road, Angola

Jacob Stroop

Enchanted Earth Angola LLC

117½ W. Maumee St., Angola

Ernsberger And Helmer, Attorneys At Law

Lake Affairs LLC

2180 North 200 West, Angola

United States Corporation Agents, Inc.

Lake James Canopies LLC

20 Ln 325 Lake James A-3, Angola

Frank Baade

Nottap Family Limited Partnership

935 N 275 W, Angola

Scott L. Patton

Dark Horse Consulting LLC

237 Broadmore Circle, Angola

United States Corporation Agents, Inc.

Heathers Happy Babies LLC

502 Williamson Circle, Angola

Heather Sutton

That One Family Farm LLC

726 N 900 E, Angola

John Kitzmiller

He Zhang LLC

2103 N. Wayne St., Angola

Lin He

Kojiad LLC

3990 N 40 E, Angola

Steven J Baldwin

Enchanted Earth Angola

117½ W Maumee St., Angola

Treats Made Right LLC

634 N 450 W, Angola

Tina Ryan

Pool Cleaning & Mohr, LLC

50 Lane 205A Jimmerson Lake, Angola

Corporate Service Center, Inc.

The Rooted Vegan Inc.

207 Hoosier Drive, Suite 1, Angola

Richard L Helwig, J.D., C.P.A., Attorney

Hannahs Closet LLC

600 Lane 250 Lake Gage, Angola

Gary Sutton

Bressler Land Management LLC

4735 E 50 S, Angola

Aaron Bressler

Blaschak & Company LLC

300 E Mechanic S., Angola

Domestic Limited Liability Company

JP Products Inc

1215 Village Green Drive, Angola

Spencer Peaks

The Pma Group LLC

800 Lane 105, Lake James, Angola

David M. Mustard Beckman Lawson, LLP

Sparkle Me Clean LLC

307 E. Lincoln St., PO Box 215, Ashley

Michele Millsap

Ccslagle LLC

220 W State St., PO Box 399, Ashley

Cheryl Slagle

SPS Systems LLC

105 N. Grand Ave., Ashley

Sean Sprague

Kruse Holdings LLC

3804 County Road 35, Auburn

Patricia A. Kruse

Circuit Logistics Inc.

317 West 16th St., Auburn

Mark Robert Rose

Cark, LLC

2301 County Road 56, Auburn

Zachary M. Lightner

The Highlands Community Association Inc.

3575 Braveheart Circle, Auburn

Amy Neal

Auburn Sports Group LLC

18635 Amstutz Road, Auburn

Terri Fisher

CME Financial Services, LLC

5392 Kodiak Trail, Auburn

Zachary M. Lightner

Porter Fencing LLC

5856 County Road 427, Auburn

United States Corporation Agents, Inc.

Zendza LLC

3395 County Road 19, Auburn

United States Corporation Agents, Inc.

Isaac Investments LLC

1310 Katherine St., Auburn

Christopher Isaac

Dean Kallmyer LLC

627 Douglas St., Auburn

Dean Kallmyer

Beyond The Mind Bender

9622 North County Line Road East, Auburn

Daniels Lawn And Landscape Services LLC

1205 Turnberry Lane, Angola

Joshua Daniels

Small Fixes LLC

1008 N Main St., Auburn

Shawn G. Pio

Eckhart Carriage Company Bed And Breakfast LLC

915 E. 7th St., Auburn

Domestic Limited Liability Co.

Classic City Contractors

1625 Portage Pass, Auburn

Boles Home Improvement, LLC

113 W 10th St., Auburn

Sonje Boles

Burniston Berry Farm

2209 Laforge Lane, Auburn

Concord Christian Fellowship Inc.

5105 CR 56, Auburn

Mitchel H. Thompson

Jingles All The Way Reindeer Farm, LLC

5253 State Road 8, Auburn

Janet Roark

Myla's Chateaux LLC

111 W. 9th St., Auburn

Heather Bunge

Orban Renovations LLC

208 W. 1st St., Auburn

United States Corporation Agents, Inc.

Dekalb Youth Basketball Inc.

130 E. 7th St., Auburn

W Erik Weber

Emmalyn Marie Kids Co. LLC

700 Brentwood Circle, Auburn

Christian Jones

Heads Up Hair Design

3676 County Road 39, Auburn

Pearson Electric, LLC

5455 Cr 31, Auburn

Guy Pearson

High's Bbq, LLC

3578 County Road 427, Auburn

Amanda Ringer

Stephens Kruse Contractors, LLC

5634 Opportunity Blvd., Auburn

John Kruse

Kimmel Farms LLC

4965 County Road 51, Auburn

Larry Kimmel

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