Allen County Jail

The Allen County Jail, 101 E. Superior St., Fort Wayne, will be getting roof and mortar work worth over $300,000.

The Allen County Commissioners have approved two contracts totaling over $318,000 for repairs to the county jail.

The three commissioners — Therese Brown, Nelson Peters and Rich Beck — approved $192,000 to Fort Wayne Roofing for roof repairs and $126,370 for masonry fixes to Atlas Building Services of Lima, Ohio, during their weekly legislative meeting Oct. 4 at Citizens Square.

Vance Hernandez, director of county buildings and grounds, said the roof replacement will be on the northwest corner of the jail, 101 E. Superior St. The new roof will be a 4-ply surface with an insulation rating at R20 and a 30-year warranty. The project will take six weeks and would start immediately after the commissioners’ approval of the contract.

The jail has 19 roofs, Hernandez said. That’s because the jail underwent expansions. The roof in the repair is original, dating from 1981. All three commissioners approved the contract.

The other contract deals with exterior masonry work to take place above the jail’s receiving area, Hernandez said. It will include adding expansion joints, replacing facing, sealing window frames and replacing window glazing. It will take six weeks and begin soon after the contract’s approval.

Beck asked about the cause of the mortar damage.

“The wall just moved,” Hernandez said. “There wasn’t enough joints cut in it originally, so as the building settles, the expansion joints are there to help that, and they didn’t cut enough back in that day, so they’ve cracked,” Hernandez said.

It caused water to accumulate on the roof above the walls, which was discovered during an inspection of the roof for replacement, Hernandez said. Next year, another section of roof will need to be replaced because of the problem, he said. All three commissioners approved the contract.

The commissioners also approved:

• The voluntary dedication — and therefore no cost for it — of a right of way for Barkley Road from Fackler to Boerger roads so failing 8-inch clay tile can be replaced with a 12-inch tile.

• Creating the Dupont-Diebold Construction Fund: Parkview Health is fronting money for a bond through redevelopment commission for road improvements near its Parkview Regional Medical Center campus. As tax incremental financing money comes into this fund it can be repaid to Parkview.

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