David Kulp

David Kulp has your newest way to travel through downtown Fort Wayne with his pedicab.

Tell me about Downtown Pedicab. What do you do?

I do a few things at Downtown Pedicab. I not only do Downtown Taxi Runs, but also 30-minute tours starting and ending at the courthouse by way of going through West Central (Neighborhood). Also, I’m in the business of giving other businesses a place to advertise, that will get looks and stares. My pedicab is pictured and filmed by people on a daily basis. (There are) options to put an ad on my onboard iPad or wraps on the exterior of my cab.

Where did the idea come from to launch this business?

The idea really just came naturally to me, as I was pondering selling my business to start something new. I have a love for cycling, meeting new people and being a part of downtown Fort Wayne’s growth.

How has business been so far? What are people’s reactions to the pedicab service?

Business has definitely been growing. I have ads on the iPad and wraps on the outside. I’ve been giving more taxi and tour rides as well as more “text ahead” for a ride option. I have repeat riders now too. The reactions are always great. Little kids amazed, adults asking everything they can about the trike and my business. I think of myself as an ambassador for downtown to business travelers and locals alike.

Do you think it’s important for a city like Fort Wayne to have various forms of transportation? Why?

It’s very important for the Fort to have all options of safe, pollution-free travel. Pedicabs, scooters, bikes, skateboards, light rail/trolley all get people out of cars. We have to in order to keep up with bigger cities in the region and beyond.

Is this your first business venture? If so, what have been some things you have had to learn ‘on the run’?

This isn’t my first business venture. I ran and scooped dog poop for Poop Happens for almost 14 years. I sold my customer list to a competitor so I could start Downtown Pedicab. Although some problems are different, they still remain the same to a degree. Time and money when starting up can be hard. This time around, I have the knowledge from last time, which is a big help.

Would you like to expand to have more pedicabs and drivers? Or do you enjoy being a one-man show?

Although I enjoy being a one-man show as I also was with the last business, I do want to expand and hopefully add at least one cab this spring or summer.

What’s your favorite part of Fort Wayne to ride through?

It’s hard to put my finger on my favorite part of Fort Wayne to ride through. I love the rivers and trails downtown, art-filled alleys, people-filled streets and all the people I come in contact with.

How can people contact you to hitch a ride?

Check us out @Downtownpedicab on Facebook and Instagram. Text ahead for a ride during my normal hours at 260-409-9554.

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