ANGOLA — The Captain’s Cabin isn’t going anywhere.

At least not in the immediate future.

But owners of the longtime Crooked Lake fine dining establishment are making plans in the event that the Brunson family does decide sometime in the future that it’s time to sell and move on.

On Dec. 4, the Steuben County Plan Commission approved a recommendation to vacate three lots in the Jewell’s Grove subdivision where the Cabin sits. The measure now moves on to the Steuben County Board of Commissioners with a favorable recommendation to vacate.

“This is Year 29 and I don’t anticipate us leaving anytime soon,” Charles Brunson said. “It gives us another option if we ever want to sell it.”

The action by the Plan Commission, if approved also by the Commission Board, would allow the Cabin’s corporate owner, Arlo Inc., to combine one connecting lot that was not part of Jewell’s Grove then conduct an administrative subdivision to divide the land into three lots again that could be sold for the development of lakefront dwellings.

It’s also possible that land behind the Shady Side Road business could be combined with the potential three new lots for sale also, perhaps for construction of garages to go with the homes.

In addition to a new subdivision needing to be created, the land would also have to be rezoned to Lake Residential from Local Business.

“All we were trying to do was give us more options down the road,” Brunson said. “We are not actively selling.”

Brunson’s case was presented by Realtor Craig Walker. Neither Charles nor Sarah Brunson were present at the meeting Dec. 4; they were busy running the restaurant. Charles Brunson spoke with The Herald Republican on Dec. 5 in hopes of preventing any unwarranted rumors from sprouting up.

He chuckled about the fact that there have been many rumors lately about the business selling, even to the point that letters dispelling the untrue information had to be posted in the restaurant.

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