Elizabeth Warren town hall

Joe Ceruti's catering company has dealt with its fair share of politicians and celebrities during their Fort Wayne visits. Then-Vice President George Bush. Vice President Mike Pence as governor and congressman. Musicians Tina Turner and Ted Nugent. 

So hosting the sold-out town hall between MSNBC's Chris Hayes and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Fort Wayne is "in our wheelhouse," Ceruti said.

The event will air live on MSNBC from 8 to 9 p.m. Fort Wayne time June 5 from Ceruti's Bergstaff Place, 2020 E. Washington Blvd. A message for an MSNBC spokeswoman requesting details about the event was left May 30.

According to MSNBC's website, Hayes and Warren "will discuss how she plans to win back the industrial Midwest with her wide-range of policy plans affecting working families, including jobs and the future of American manufacturing, student debt, housing and her 'Ultra-Millionaire Tax.'"

The network posted details on the free tickets' availability through Eventbrite on its website May 30. The tickets were gone in 30 minutes, according to our news partner, WANE, NewsChannel 15. Bergstaff Place has a capacity of 300, according to its website. 

However, according to a production meeting, Ceruti believes just about 150-170 tickets were available.

Ceruti isn't sure why MSNBC's crew picked Bergstaff Place, but notes that it has been used by the Allen County Democratic Party for recent election night gatherings and its Pizza and Politics dinner in mid-May.

Preparations had moved fast, and things are changing constantly, but the local staff will "roll with the punches," Ceruti said. Ceruti said May 31 that he'd been contacted just three days before by MSNBC's production crew, who said they liked the facility's layout. That got things rolling. At one point, 20 people were on a phone call, each with a different responsibility.

"It's bigger than, say, a rock concert," Ceruti said.

Ceruti's will be catering for about 40 crew members related to the event from Monday until Warren is brought from a secure location to Bergstaff Place. He's submitted names for the complimentary tickets he'll receive. His staff, however, will be working. It's a very busy season, he said. He bought the business, started in the 1950s, in 1987 from his uncle. 

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and close at 7:30 p.m. The network doesn't guarantee an unobstructed view, so it's recommended that attendees arrive early for the best seats. 

Ticketholders will have to go through security. 

The town hall will occur during Hayes' regularly scheduled "All In" show.

"Promotional and political affiliation displays or clothing, large bags and backpacks, as well as firearms, are not permitted," according to the town hall description.

Warren, who was a registered Republican before 1996, has represented Massachusetts in Congress since she defeated the incumbent senator in 2012.

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