Walker World LLC

2682 E 600 S Hamilton 46742

Brittney J Walker

Edgefab LLC

PO Box 115 Hamilton 46742

Shelly Miller

Sandhill LLC

2535 E 600 S Hamilton 46742

Thomas P. Walker

Amish Marketplace LLP

18017 S.R. 37 Harlan 46743

Jeremy Sessions

Cac Wallpanels LLC

14329 Rupert Road Harlan 46743

Mitchel Thompson

Safe Place Rifleworks LLC

5532 Flatrock Road Hoagland 46745

Wilson Roberts LLP

Spl Operations LLC

9735 Hoagland Road Hoagland 46745

Marc Lechleitner

Spl Farms LLC

9735 Hoagland Road Hoagland 46745

Marc Lechleitner

Fellowship Of Beaglers Inc

PO Box 505 223 E Wabash St. Hudson 46747

Legalinc Corporate Services Inc.

Moughler Enterprises LLC

7350 S 900 W Hudson 46747

Seth Moughler

Sahaj Entertainment Incorporated

16538 Quarry Blvd. Huntertown 46748

Northwest Registered Agent LLC

Sahib Transportation Inc

1909 W Shoaff Road Huntertown 46748

Ravi Kumar Barhpagga

S & J Management LLC

2000 Felt St. Huntington 46750

Janelle Gard

Ralphes LLC

4657 N 750 W Huntington 46750

Patricia Rumschlag

Aggregate Management Services LLC

1214 Cherry St. Huntington 46750

United States Corporation Agents

Zog's Touch Up LLC

2985 W 550 S Huntington 46750

United States Corporation Agents

Esteban Gomez-Carrillo LLC

703 Guilford St. Huntington 46750

Esteban Gomez-Carrillo

Dario Villaseca LLC

745 Salamonie Ave. Huntington 46750

Dario Villaseca Chontal

Baltazar Lucas Pablo LLC

618 First St. Huntington 46750

Baltazar Lucas Pablo

Rent A Guy LLC

1801 Dowling St. Kendallville 46755

Chris Rodman

Aquatic Resource Solutions LLC

610 Warren Drive Kendallville 46755

Michael Tackett

Keller Electrical LLC

1502 Knoll Crest Drive Kendallville 46755

Joseph Keller

Mullet's Stump Grinding LLC

3740 W 350 N LaGrange 46761

Lavern Mullet

Buck Creek Roofing LLC

1240 E 250 N LaGrange 46761

Johnnie R Troyer

Every Face Covered Inc.

275 N 020 W LaGrange 46761

Northwest Registered Agent LLC

Grass Feather LLC

0195 E 300 S LaGrange 46761

Vernon Hochstetler

950 Speakeasy LLC

1050 Tipton St. Lagro 46941

Justin Gillespie

Double I Security

14727 Trappers Cove Leo 46765

Double Eye Security

14727 Trappers Cove Leo 46765

Kyles Kreations LLC

12019 County Road 12 Middlebury 46540

April Kyle

Elite Bookkeeping LLC

15336 County Road 18 Middlebury 46540

Karen Lehman

La Products LLC

522 Horizon Drive Middlebury 46540

Lisa T. Lozano

Upside Rentals LLC

54395 State Road 13 Middlebury 46540

Brian E. Miller

Advanced Vegetation Management Inc.

111 East South St. Milford 46542

Terry Warren

True North Professional Services LLC

Po Box 353 Milford 46542

New Lease Properties LLC

404 S Grove Milford 46542

Norman Troyer

Dae Sang Corporation

7101 Ternet Road Monroeville 46773

Young J Lee

Crn Holdings LLC

3 Arbor Court Nappanee 46550

Chad R. Newcomer

Miller Circuit LLC

9625 W Hepton Road Nappanee 46550

Miller Tax Associates LLC

Elite Custom Flooring LLC

42 Beech Road Nappanee 46550

Edward Hochstetler

Quad County Sales & Service

2022 Beech Road Nappanee 46550

Space Fairy Cosmetics

3742 Westport Drive New Haven 46774

Hangry Mamas LLC

120 Sturm St. New Haven 46774

Angela Hossler

Lady T's Old Fashioned Pound Cakes LLC

4881 Wintergreen Way New Haven 46774

Theresa Prosser

Kairos Moment Inc.

4253 Greenridge Way New Haven 46774

Mahalo Aura LLC

1505 Deveron Drive New Haven 46774

Karlee Clear

Clam Jam LLC

1314 Daly Drive New Haven 46774

Registered Agents Inc

Brighter Beginnings Childcare LLC

4276 Silver Birch Cove New Haven 46774

Delibra Smith

J & R Quality Const. LLC

14610 Irving Road New Haven 46774

Mitchel Thompson

N. Manchester Property Services LLC

11606 N State Road 15 North Manchester 46962

United States Corporation Agents

Twisted Vinyl LLC

413 North Mid Lake Drive North Webster 46555

Brian L Bradley

Ghost Digital LLC

608 Bittersweet Lane Ossian 46777

Registered Agents Inc.

Zimmer Holdings LLC

2687 East 500 North Ossian 46777

Jeremy Zimmer

Grzych Cottage LLC

608 North Jefferson St. Ossian 46777

Beverly J. Grzych

Grooming By Breanna LLC

122 S Jefferson Ossian 46777 

Breanna Schlichter

Assured General Contracting LLC

907 N Jefferson St. Ossian 46777

Eric Gillespie

Tate's Creations LLC

975 N Seminary St. Roanoke 46783

United States Corporation Agents

Shaun R Gray LLC

10814 Azbury Blvd. Roanoke 46783

Shaun Gray

Drm Trucking LLC

4652 E Northport Road Rome City 46784

Danyelle R Miller

Shadow Grass Labs LLC

5772 County Road 51 Saint Joe 46785

Lyndsie Hardley

Block 51 Burgers & More LLC

6393 County Road 51 Saint Joe 46785

Mitchel Thompson

Icon A5 44 LLC

PO Box 123 Shipshewana 46565

Matt Oxender

Icon A5 37 LLC

PO Box 123 Shipshewana 46565

Matt Oxender

Cedar Ridge Holdings LLC

6380 N 900 W Shipshewana 46565

Michael D. Hochstetler

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