ANGOLA — Longtime good friends Nancy Behnke and Toni Huddleston have long enjoyed taking trips to Warsaw to experience the Himalayan salt caves.

They enjoyed it so much; the pair decided Angola needed its own salt room to enjoy.

Together, Behnke and Huddleston have opened Just Breathe Salt Room and More, 202 E. Harcourt Road, Suite G, Angola, complete with two salt relaxation rooms, salt lamps, detox domes and more for people to experience and enjoy.

Just Breathe had its grand opening ceremony Sept. 14 with the Angola Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We traveled to Warsaw over the last two years and thought someone surely would bring something like this to Angola,” Huddleston said. “Nobody had, so in January, we sat down in the cave in Warsaw, talked about it and here we are.”

Himalayan pink salt can help with respiratory issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and allergies, sinus troubles, inflammation in the bronchial tubes and other breathing problems, Huddleston said.

It also has benefits for those suffering from pain from fibromyalgia or arthritis.

“It’s very detoxing and destressing,” Behnke said. “It can really help with anxiety.”

The salt is a natural anti-microbial and can be used in cooking, as bath salts, in inhalers, as lamps and even as cutting boards.

Just Breathe carries slabs for use as cooking tiles or cutting boards that, while heavy, can be used inside or on the grill.

In addition to the slabs, Just Breathe also has fidget and pocket stones, animal-shaped salt stones, foot rollers, salt night lights, USB salt plug-ins that work on computer USB ports and handmade consignment items from local artists.

Visitors to Just Breathe can spend time in one of two salt relaxation rooms.

The first, larger room has loose salt on the floor for people to stick their feet in while relaxing. There are also detox foot domes in the room and salt lamps as well as chairs to sit in. The room is darkened with just the light from the lamps and an electronic fireplace.

The smaller room does not have the salt on the floor but instead in a warmed salt detox box. There are also detox domes in the smaller room.

Huddleston said the smaller room is great for those with heightened anxiety or that can’t easily relax with other people around as well as those that know they’ll fall asleep and snore while relaxing in the room.

“I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else,” Behnke and Huddleston both said in agreement.

Just Breathe is also offering joint meditation classes with the Sante Group. While the first class is already full, other classes are 6:30-8 p.m. Nov. 18 and Dec. 2. Each is limited to 10 people. Stop into the store to learn more.

Follow Just Breathe on Facebook by searching “Just Breathe Salt Room & More.”

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