AUBURN — Indiana native plants are featured in landscaping around the Auburn Brewing Company on North Main Street in downtown Auburn.

A sign posted at the business urges the use of native plants in landscaping.

An Auburn resident, who wishes not to be identified, offered to do the work, said Auburn Brewing Company co-founder Emma Taylor-Metcalf.

“Of course we said, ‘Yes,’” Taylor-Metcalf said.

“Who wouldn’t say yes to someone offering us their time, effort, hard work and even donate the plants to make our building look better? We couldn’t have asked for a better deal. Wanting to do all that work and donate all that time drew me to learn more about what ‘growing native’ meant and why someone would be so passionate about it.”

“We all should look at where we live and want to improve the quality of life for future generations to enjoy,” the resident said. “These plants that were planted have grown in this region for thousands of years. That means certain species depend on these plants for survival, and with more yards comes less habitat. Pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are a critical part in our world. Not only do they provide food for larger animals like birds, but they provide food for us by pollinating.”

“We take for granted that almost everything grown in our gardens and at the supermarket is here because of pollinators, and, unfortunately, they are in decline,” the resident added. “Many pollinators and wildlife in general rely on natives including native trees for survival. Although this was a small project, by planting just a few natives, it will not only benefit wildlife but our community, and hopefully inspire more to do the same.”

The Indiana Native Plant Society is promoting the use of native plants in landscaping instead of invasive plants through the Grow Indiana Natives program. For more information and certification of native plants, visit

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