Development is going strong in Allen County, as evidenced by rezoning requests approved by Allen County Commissioners at their weekly meeting Nov. 19:

• Oakmont Development Corp. requested and was granted a rezoning for 35.1 acres from A1 agricultural to R1 single family residential for a 45-lot subdivision. The location is on the north side of West Shoaff Road, west of Cascata Estates.

• Springmill Woods Development LLC, a Lancia Company, requested to have 59.6 acres rezoned from A1/Agricultural to R3/Multiple Family Residential for a 207-lot residential subdivision. The site is located on the west side of the 8300 to 8500 blocks of Huguenard Road, north of Colonial Heights subdivision, and on the south side of the 4700 block of West Wallen Road. Michelle B. Wood, senior land use planner, said this project is a little different in that 35 properties will be single-family attached, essentially duplexes. For sale not rentals market rate Lancia’s been trying to work on a product that’s more affordable

"It’s nice to see a different type of product,” said Commissioner Therese Brown. “There are a lot of individuals who don’t particularly want the traditional home.”

In this situation it is truly a single-family plat, Wood said. The occupants will have a shared wall, but would each own their lot and their side yard. The remainder of the subdivision will be traditional single-family homes.

• The commissioners also approved rezoning 160.7 acres from A1/Agricultural to I2/General Industrial for an 11-parcel development on the north side of West Pleasant Center Road east of the Walmart dairy.

Commissioner Nelson Peters wanted to make sure there would be access from Pleasant Center Road, and he was assured there would be.

• Commissioners approved Brent and Ruth Koontz’s request to rezone 40.2 acres from R1/Single Family Residential to A1/Agricultural. The address is 3075 W. Wallen Road. They own the property and wanted it rezoned to Agricultural so they can have animals and bigger outbuildings. Wood said the area is a mix of industrial, residential and agricultural.

In other business:

• Commissioners approved an agreement with Purdue University for Purdue Cooperative Extension Services for 2022. Allen County will pay $162,650 to Purdue Extension, which provides five educators for programs in agriculture and natural resources; health and human sciences; horticulture and 4-H youth development.

• Commissioners approved acceptance of Indiana Trails Program Grant to build a 5-mile horse trail around the property owned by the county at Paulding and Adams Center roads. The grant involves a $250,000 matching grant from the state and a 20% match from Allen County.

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