Kosciusko County talent initiative

Nearly 60% of Kosciusko County’s residents weren’t born and raised there, according to the Kosciusko Economic Development Corp.

The organization is further working to attract as well as retain workers where the county seat of Warsaw is known as the Orthopedic Capital of the World. It has put together a talent initiative that it announced Feb. 13 that will include a single contact person for employers and networking events so transplants can get acclimated to the area along with helping their spouses find jobs in the area too.

“Our team understands that talent is the new currency in economic development, and we believe the career opportunities and quality of life in our community makes Kosciusko County a standout Midwest location to live or work,” said KEDCo CEO Alan Tio in the announcement. “Our talent initiative will deliver a menu of services for individuals and employers alike that is unique to Kosciusko County.”

Services in development include a talent pipeline project in collaboration with Indianapolis-based TMap, a carpooling project in collaboration with Commute with Enterprise, customized community tours, and trailing partner/spouse support through a dual career recruitment program.

Danielle Rich recently joined KEDCo to develop and get the talent initiative started. In her role as KEDCo’s talent partner, Rich will coordinate with local and statewide partner organizations and serve as a single point of contact for individuals and employers to access KEDCo services.

“I applaud KEDCo for the organization’s focus on talent attraction and retention, which can make such a difference for the agribusiness and orthopedic device sectors that are well established here,” Rich said in the announcement. “I’m excited about the opportunities ahead to work with individuals and employers to develop services that meet their needs and set our community apart as a place to live and work.”

KEDCo’s talent initiative will also support retention of the existing workforce, which will include support for individuals who are planning for the next steps in their careers and networking opportunities for new transplants in the area, such as the Outside the Fishbowl meetup. A Fishbowl event is planned for 4-6 p.m. Feb. 17 at Port Winona Wine+Market, 807 E. Canal St., Winona Lake.

Kosciusko County is a member of the 11-county Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, which has adopted the Road to One Million regional development plan that calls for an increase in the regional population of more than 200,000 residents by 2031 to meet the goal of 1 million.

“Kosciusko County has an important role to play in our region’s march toward reaching a population of 1 million residents,” Tio said in the announcement. “We are doing our part to contribute toward this talent-focused plan by rethinking our approach to economic development.”

Launch of KEDCo’s talent initiative follows development of capabilities focused on the agribusiness and medical device sectors, as well as community development and entrepreneurship. These initiatives support the organization’s new mission to convene, build, and show the community’s economic growth resources.

For more information about KEDCo initiatives, call 574-265-2601 or go to www.kosciuskoedc.com/contact.

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