Anna's Barber Shop in New Haven

Putting the finishing touches on client Mark Fetro is Anna Burnside, who opened Anna’s Barber Shop at 617 Broadway in New Haven last November.

Anna Burnside’s business card reads “haircut and conversation.” She’s the owner of Anna’s Barber Shop at 617 Broadway in New Haven. Anna’s opened for business in the former location of Brian’s Barbershop last November.

“I put that on my card because I love to talk with my clients, learn about their lives, their families, their jobs, their plans and what their goals are,” Burnside said. “I’m a really good listener, too. And I’ll tell them I’ve got a son who is serving in the U.S. Army, and that when I get this shop going well I’ll probably hire another person and possibly sometime in the future even open a salon/spa in Fort Wayne.”

Burnside said she has always had a special place in her heart for servicemen and veterans and on special occasions donates the day’s receipts to a charity in honor of those who are serving or have served. Shortly after opening in November last year she gave a total of $350 in the name of the U.S. Marine Corps to Shepherd’s House; that Fort Wayne transitional living center helps veterans.

Burnside planned to offer free haircuts to firefighters and first responders the first week of February and free haircuts to police the second week of the month. “All they have to do is show up in uniform,” she said. “I’m planning a special time for veterans, as well. I give my World War II veteran clients free haircuts any time, but most of them usually won’t accept.”

Anna’s is one of the few shops around that still offers straight razor shaves. “I really like doing beards and teaching men the best way to care for their beards,” she said.

The shop is not strictly for men. In addition to her barber’s license, she earned a cosmetology license 10 years ago and washes, shampoos, colors, styles and cuts women’s hair as well. She began doing hair for her high school friends while learning cutting techniques at Anthis Career Center before attending Ravenscroft Beauty College. “I also worked at Ravenscroft at the front desk for several years,” she added. She applied for and got a mobile license to cut hair for shut-ins and at nursing homes.

Burnside grew up in the Woodburn area, graduated from Concordia Lutheran High School, moved to California, married a sailor, lived in Washington state a couple of years and returned to northeast Indiana in 2000.

“Owning and operating my own shop has been a life-long dream of mine,” she said. “This place is perfect for me. It’s small; it’s quaint and just right. I brought a few clients along from the shop where I previously worked and have been able to expand on that pretty quickly. I’m really enjoying being here in New Haven. Call for an appointment (260-750-3039) or just stop in.”

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