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New Haven's copper rod and wire producer has rebranded itself SDI Lafarga COPPERWORKS, because, as its redesigned website proclaims, "Copper is at our core."

NEW HAVEN — SDI LaFarga announced that it has rebranded itself at SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS “after a six-month long journey of discovery.”

“Through a brand immersion process, led by LABOV Marketing, Communication & Training, the company listened to customers, employees and suppliers to better learn who it is and the differentiators that set it apart in the industry,” according to a LABOV news release.

Using SDI LaFarga’s “can-do” culture and its singular focus on copper rod and wire, the company has a culture in which its employees make “copper work” for customers with innovative products and expertise, according to the release.

SDI LaFarga’s facility in New Haven, and its workforce of nearly 100 team members are now known as SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS.

SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS launched its new identity first to its employees and parent companies, using a virtual platform to share its discoveries and celebrate the change. The new branding, which includes a logo, website and promotional materials, announces “This is Where Copper Works!”

“This is without a doubt the most momentous time in our company’s history,” SDI LaFarga president Kurt Breischaft, said in the release. “To go through the immersion process with all those closest to us and hear what makes us who we are has been incredibly inspiring. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new branding, as we continue to grow and provide our customers with even more product options and expertise.”

The rebranding comes as the company is in the final stages of completing a $16 million facility expansion, which includes the installation of a second state-of-the-art furnace. This will enable SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS to expand its product offering to include the new Elemental Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper rod. It already produces the Infinity Fire-Refined, High-Conductivity copper rod.

The company is a merger of steel producers Spain-based LaFarga Group and Steel Dynamics, headquartered in Fort Wayne. It was founded in 2010 and began production in New Haven in 2012 at 1640 Ryan Road.

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