Wingstop planned to have a soft opening Aug. 14 at its new restaurant, 407 Coliseum Blvd. W., Suite 111, Fort Wayne.

The aviation-themed restaurant’s menu includes bone-in and boneless chicken wings, and sides that include Cajun Fried Corn and Louisiana Voodoo Fries, the latter served with cheese sauce, ranch and its signature Cajun seasoning.

Not sure how much food you should get? Try the Wings Calculator on its website, Feeling snacky? Order the small 6-piece wing combo or the 10-piece wings. Starving? Then the large 10-piece wing combo may be your best bet.

Wingstop was founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas. It has a hearing to get a liquor license to serve beer. The local restaurant will be open 11 a.m.-midnight seven days a week. A grand opening is planned for later this month.

Kroger short on canned veggies; has new self-scanner

I like my vegetables fresh or frozen, but canned are great in recipes. I haven’t been making many soups or side dishes lately, so I hadn’t noticed the empty shelves at my Kroger.

Small blue “Sorry for the inconvenience” signs are on some of the shelves where cans of green beans normally are.

“I’ve been told the shortage of canned vegetables is actually traceable to issues with last year’s harvest,” said Eric Halvorson, spokesman for the Kroger Co. Central Division. “It should resolve itself late this month or in September as new produce reaches store shelves.”

What did catch my eye a few weeks ago was a display of scanners at the 601 E. Dupont Road store.

The Scan, Bag, Go system is another way the company is making shopping for groceries more convenient. The device allows shoppers to scan their groceries as they shop by using an app on their cell phones that records items’ barcodes and see a running total. Shoppers will have to weigh produce at the self-checkout and show the cost total to a staff member before paying on their phones.

I’m not sure how much time it would save. I believe I’d like to scan, pay and go while bypassing the checkout all together. I know a few people who haven’t shopped in the grocery since starting its pickup service. If saving time is the goal, that seems like the way to go, but comes with a fee.

Halvorson believes the scanning system is undergoing some system upgrades and will eventually be in other stores.

Hall’s new sign

Don Hall’s Hollywood Drive-In, 4416 Lima Road, is sporting a new sign. Creative Sign Resources made the new sign to replace the neon one. Looking sharp, Hall’s.

Lisa Esquivel Long is a veteran Fort Wayne journalist and Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly editor. To submit items, send email to or call 260-426-2640. ext. 3311.

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