New development

Fort Wayne’s vision for the gravel lot includes residential and commercial space as well as a parking garage.

The city of Fort Wayne is eager to keep the ball rolling on downtown development with plans to develop the property on the northeast corner of Superior and Harrison streets, right next door to the newly opened Promenade Park.

The new development will feature, per the city announcement, 225 apartments, a 900-space parking garage, and 60,000 square feet total for offices, retail space and “flex space.”

“This signifies a major private investment as part of the riverfront development efforts here in Fort Wayne,” Mayor Tom Henry said during a Sept. 18 news conference at Promenade Park. “Fort Wayne continues to be on a positive roll with a tremendous amount of momentum, and now we have a new investment planned in the heart of our city.”

During the news conference, Henry announced that Barrett and Stokely, the Indianapolis-based developers, will take the lead on building this new, $70 million-plus, mixed-use space. Barrett and Stokely are also collaborating with the city on the planned Lofts at Headwaters Park project.

“I would say we’re probably more excited about this than anything we’ve done,” Rex Barrett, executive vice president of Barrett and Stokely, said. “The reason for that is what you see around you going on in Fort Wayne. The momentum is clearly building. They’ve done an awful lot these last few years. The city has changed dramatically … Fort Wayne is going to continue to grow.”

Now that Barrett and Stokely is on board, the city will work on an economic development agreement and navigate the necessary channels of approval. The goal is to begin work on the property later this year or early next year with about a year and a half set aside for construction and completion.

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