As baby boomers enjoy their retirement, they might want to be planning for their long-term care needs and what will happen to their estates once they’re gone.

For the fourth webinar in Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly’s monthly series, Beers|Mallers elder law attorneys Heidi B. Adair and Jesica L. Thorson will discuss elder law in their 9-10:30 a.m. June 15 presentation, “What You Need to Know About Estate Planning and Asset Preservation.”

“We’re going to go through the differences between a typical estate planning lawyer and what an elder law attorney does and, specifically, its helping people come up a with a plan for paying for their health needs as they progress through life,” Adair said.

Adair is certified as an Estate Planning & Administration Specialist Attorney by the Indiana State Bar EPASC Board. Her elder law practice concentrations are estate planning and Medicaid asset preservation planning, veterans planning, guardianship and estate administration.

Thorson’s practice focuses on the areas of guardianships, estate administration, estate planning and asset preservation planning.

“We’re (elder law lawyers) very aware of what long-term care costs,” Adair said.

Some people may believe their Medicare policy will take care of it.

While Beers|Mallers has handled elder law for about 20 years, things are changing as people are living longer and their children often live far away.

“Our job is changing, because people’s children are not around and able to help,” Adair said, “and so it’s even more important to have a plan in place before the crisis happens, because dealing with crisis and all the legal issues from afar is very challenging.”

Adair and Thorson will also discuss special programs for veterans who served during specific wartime periods.

The webinar, which will allow those registered to ask questions during the session, will not only cover the needs of older people.

“We’re also going to walk through basic estate planning, what every person needs to know regardless of their age or level of wealth,” Adair said.

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