Glenbrook Square and Curative, an essential health service provider, are teaming up to offer COVID-19 testing in time for the holidays. Curative is setting up a kiosk in the parking lot near JCPenney of the mall, 4201 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne.

“We are launching at the Glenbrook Square on Monday (Nov. 22) to prepare for the holiday season and (any possible) surge in cases,” Stephanie Whittle, director of national sales for Curative, said.

Adding, “We are an approved FDA test center. We work directly with Abbott and use their PCR tests. We do a shallow nasal swab test.”

Additionally, the Curative kiosk, the first one in Indiana, is providing a place for employers to send unvaccinated employees for testing, if any future mandates require weekly testing.

“We want to conduct this operation in Fort Wayne because there are so many businesses and they might need to send their employees out to get tested,” Whittle said. Adding, “Once a week an employee can come to our test site, show their insurance card and get a test.”

Tests are shipped overnight to a Curative lab. The labs are located in California, Texas and Washington D.C. Test results are received electronically through text and email. Besides the labs, Curative currently has testing sites in 41 states.

“There is no cost to the community. You can walk up, or there are appointments available. We will never turn a person away from a test. If you do not have insurance we bill to the CARES Act. So, no one will ever receive a bill for one of our tests,” Whittle said.

The need for other COVID-19 testing or vaccinations will be assessed in the future. No vaccinations are scheduled to be given at this location at this time, she said.

Brookfield Properties, the management company for Glenbrook Square, is working with Curative to serve the needs of the community.

“We have done testing at a lot of our (retail) centers since the start of the pandemic. We are a community destination. This is a community resource and we want to help the community however we can,” Lindsay Khan, Brookfield Properties public relations representative & spokeswoman for Glenbrook Square, said.

Finally, as the pandemic has been around longer than anyone expected, so to, Curative expects to make Fort Wayne home for a while.

“We have a long-term relationship with Glenbrook Square. I think COVID-19 variants keep coming around and their will be a need for us to distinguish between COVID-19 and the flu. We look at testing numbers and positivity rates nationwide every day,” Whittle said.

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