Ohio order

Ohio residents are under a stay-at-home order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Director of Ohio Department of Public Health Amy Acton on March 22 issued a stay-at-home order for all Ohio residents to halt the spread of COVID-19, which was known to have killed three Buckeyes and hospitalized 83. All residents must remain in their homes or places of residence. Those using shared or outside spaces must remain 6 feet apart, except for family members.

The order shuts down “non-essential businesses and operations.” Home-based businesses may continue operations with workers/contractors remaining inside their residences.

But who is an essential business in such a time of a highly contagious disease that might take up to 14 days to rear its symptoms of cough, fever, tiredness and difficulty breathing in severe cases?

Those who are exempt from going to work are in the fields of:

• Health care and public health operations: includes those working at hospitals, clinics, dental practices, pharmacies, blood collection and mental health services services, and obstetrician and gynecological practices and eye care centers

• Human services operations: includes operations funded by the Ohio Department of Aging, Department of Developmental Disabilities and Department of Veterans Services

• Essential government functions: First responders, emergency dispatchers, judges, jurors and child welfare workers

• Essential infrastructure: Food production and distribution; maintenance of utilities including water, sewage, electricity and gas; hospital construction; and solid waste and recycling collection and removal

• Also, stores that sell groceries and food and beverage makers.

Residents are also allowed to leave home for the following, which isn’t exclusive, as long as they maintain 6 feet between themselves and others:

• Seeking medical help or picking up medication for themselves or their family.

• To get or deliver essentials such as groceries

• To take care of someone or a pet in another residence

• To engage in outdoor activities such as biking, walking and running

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