Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw’s Ivy Works Programs has received a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne.

The Ivy Works program is an employment and training program to help students who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to enroll and complete short-term certificate programs at Ivy Tech. The funding will be primarily used to support tuition and book fees.

Ivy Works is designed to allow students to choose from more than 70 certificate programs that are considered “high demand” in the Northeast Indiana community such as advanced manufacturing, building and construction, health and life sciences, IT and business services, and transportation and logistics.

While enrolled in the program, students also receive wrap-around services from Ivy Tech that include case management (weekly), supervised job search, tuition and books assistance, and other barrier-busting resources such as transportation assistance, childcare vouchers, and more.

“At Ivy Tech, we are committed to our helping our students overcome challenges by leveraging the resources and services of our college and our community partners,” Tracina Smith, executive director of Resource Development at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw, said in a news release. “This generous donation from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne will help support at-risk students in northeast Indiana while they achieve their career and educational goals.”

The Community Foundation is dedicated to supporting lifelong learning as part of its core mission. It awards more than $400,000 in scholarships annually to educational institutions that help local community members flourish while strengthening the workforce and increasing resiliency.

“We know the importance of a quality education, including certificate and training programs. We also know the importance of identifying and reducing those barriers that prevent students from being able to take advantage of those opportunities,” Brad Little, president and CEO of the Community Foundation, said in the release. “When students have access to education, training and life skills, our entire community thrives.”

Learn more about Ivy Tech’s Ivy Works program by visiting link.ivytech.edu/resources or contacting Chris Douse at cdouse@ivytech.edu.

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