In December 2020, 28.4% of the unemployed were job losers on temporary layoff. These are people who lost their jobs and were given a date to return to work or who expect to return to work within 6 months. This compared with 77.9% in April 2020. In December 2020, the largest share of the unemployed, at 38.9%, were job losers not on temporary layoff. These are people who permanently lost their jobs or completed temporary jobs. This group made up 11.3% of the unemployed in April 2020.

Reentrants to the labor force accounted for 21.0% of the unemployed in December 2020, compared with 6.5% in April 2020. Job leavers, or those who quit or otherwise voluntarily left their previous job and immediately began looking for new employment, represented 6.9% of the unemployed, compared with a share of 2.5% in April 2020.

These data are from the Current Population Survey at For more information, see “The Employment Situation — December 2020” at

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