Not only is variety the spice of life, but it also holds a lot of value for small businesses. Hiring a diverse workforce — a staff that’s inclusive of people from different cultures, capabilities, religions, ages, educational backgrounds, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and personalities — can bring new perspectives and insight to your company.

Advantages of diversity in your business

Diversity means more than and has benefits far beyond being legally compliant with hiring processes that don’t discriminate based on age, race, gender, national origin and disabilities.

Greater degree of creativity and innovation

When you have a team of individuals who come from different frames of reference, you gain fresh ideas. That can help spark innovation in product development, customer service, marketing and sales.

Enhanced productivity

A diverse team can help improve your business’s efficiency. Employees that feel included and happy in their roles will naturally focus better and produce quality work. Also, when staff members embrace each other’s individual strengths and collaborate on ways to pool them to improve processes, your company can get more done in less time.

Positive public image

While a number of factors will influence how the public at large views your business, positive P.R. from being known as an inclusive organization will further enhance your brand reputation.

More attractive to top-notch talent

Attracting high-quality employees is another advantage of being known for a company culture that embraces diversity. And employees that feel welcome and comfortable in their workplace have greater job satisfaction and loyalty.

Expanded market

With communities more diverse than ever and because technological advances have made it more feasible to do business globally, a diverse workforce can open the door to new opportunities. Having people who know different languages and understand different cultures can position your business to serve variable demographic and geographic markets more successfully.

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