Rapid Recovery

Indiana recently announced a partnership with 180 Skills (www.180skills.com) to open up an online library that aims to improve the workforce skills of up to 100,000 Hoosier workers. This service will be free of charge through the Rapid Recovery For a Better Future (www.in.gov/gwc/files/2020_Rapid_Recovery_One_Pager%20-%20Graphic.pdf) initiative through the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet.

Participants have the opportunity to complete courses ranging from general employability skills applicable across job sectors, such as acing a job interview, mastering Microsoft Office products and improving communication skills, to more advanced courses in manufacturing that can culminate in the opportunity to gain industry-recognized credentials.

Groups expected to take advantage of the courses include recipients of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s (www.in.gov/dwd) adult education program, such as people who have earned a high school equivalency diploma, in addition to people benefiting from vocational rehabilitation services and employees seeking to improve their workforce skills.

The DWD will help employers enroll individuals in the training programs through its WorkOne centers and adult education providers across the state.

Any Hoosier who is unemployed or otherwise impacted by COVID-19 is also eligible, and can enroll by simply completing an online form at YourNextStepIN.org/180-skills. Employers interested in signing up employees for 180 Skills can do so at 180skills.com/Indiana. Self-service enrollment for individuals interested in the programs is available by visiting www.YourNextStepIN.org.

Workforce development is more important now than ever before. This library will help ensure our workforce has the skills they will need for the future.

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