New authentication technology

A passenger hands her ID to a TSA officer for him to insert it into a credential authentication technology unit at Fort Wayne International Airport.

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) has announced new technology that saves passengers and TSA agents from passing boarding passes between one another and also can detect fraudulent documents.

The credential authentication technology (CAT) unit has been installed at the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint, the airport announced in a news release Sept. 7.

“The new credential authentication technology unit enhances our detection capabilities for identifying fraudulent ID documents and improves the passenger experience by increasing efficiency during the screening process,” Indiana TSA Federal Security Director Aaron Batt said in the news release. “The CAT unit also reduces touchpoints at the checkpoint, which benefits both officers and travelers during this (COVID-19) pandemic.”

“Passengers will approach the travel document checking station at the checkpoint and listen to the instructions of the TSA officer, who will request passengers to insert their personal identification into the scanner for authentication,” according to the news release.

“Passengers will not have to hand over their boarding pass (electronic or paper), thus reducing a touchpoint. Instead, they should have their boarding pass ready in the event that the TSA officer requests visual inspection. The CAT unit will verify that the traveler is prescreened to travel out of the airport for a flight that day; however, a boarding pass may be requested for travelers under the age of 18 and/or those without IDs or with damaged IDs. A second CAT unit is being used for training.”

Travelers still need to check in with their airline in advance and bring their boarding pass to their gate agent to show the airline representative before boarding their flight.

“It is very much appreciated that the TSA here at FWA continues to invest in technology that increases the safety and efficiency of the screening process for Northeast Indiana travelers,” Scott Hinderman, executive director of airports, said in the news release. “We have been committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our passengers throughout the pandemic — this is one more tool we can offer to expand upon that commitment.”

AT units authenticate several thousand types of IDs including passports, military common access cards, retired military ID cards, Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler ID cards, uniformed services ID cards, permanent resident cards, U.S. visas, and driver’s licenses and photo IDs issued by state motor vehicle departments.

A CAT unit consists of the passport reader, an ID card reader, a federal personal identity verification ID card reader, a monitor, a stand and a UV light.

Indiana DOR adds more features to new tax system

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) launched the third rollout of the agency’s four-phase tax system modernization effort, Project NextDOR, on Sept. 7. Each rollout transitions a group of designated tax types to the new Indiana Tax System (ITS). Rollout 3 tax types include:

• Controlled Substance

• Fiduciary

• Gaming Excise (Charity Gaming)

• Individual

• Firework Public Safety Fee

• Racino Fees

• Racino Wagering

• Riverboat Wagering

• Sports Betting

• Supplemental Wagering

• Type II Gaming

“As part of this launch, DOR now offers additional services for individual income, fiduciary income and gaming tax customers in the agency’s new online customer e-services portal, the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine (INTIME),” the DOR said in a news release.

“The entire DOR team is excited to take the next step on our modernization journey with another successful rollout of Project NextDOR,” DOR Commissioner Bob Grennes said in the release.

In addition, INTIME has added the following tax types for business customers: Type II Gaming, Charity Gaming Excise and Fireworks Public Safety Fee — furthering DOR’s goal to provide access to electronic filing and payment services across our customer base.

INTIME is available to customers at

Customers with additional INTIME questions can contact customer service representatives through the portal’s secure messaging feature, available after login.

DOR introduced the Indiana Tax System and INTIME in September 2019. Over four years, these systems will replace DOR’s legacy tax systems that have been in production for over 25 years. INTIME allows customers to manage their taxes in one convenient location, 24/7.

Lisa Esquivel Long is a veteran Fort Wayne journalist and Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly editor. To submit items, send email to or call 260-426-2640. ext. 3311.

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