126 W. Fleming Ave.

From James E. and Joseph E. Ebbing to Jose J. Ororzco and Leticia Ortiz $53,000

2321 Miner St.

From Haven Missionary Church Inc. to 4 Life Investments and Above U. Aerials


5011 Tacoma Ave.

From Fabio E. Caro to Chelsea M. and Austin E. Krouse


7131 S. Calhoun St.

From Sadruddin Kamdar to Charanjit and Kuldeep Singh


320 French Ave.

From Charles R. Putterbaugh to Thomas and Marsha Link


2925 Broadway St.

From Robert W. and Carole M. Decker to Margaret O. Clifton and Mary L. Simpson


5517 McClellan St.

From Mounsamrouath Thongsom to Tod and Pavisa Kesith


803 Nuttman Ave.

From Carol Spicer to Daniel A. and Polly C. Cook


4334 Drury Lane

From Jason B. Schuricht to Clare E. Bircheff and Meghan A. Rockwell-Ashton


4802 Tacoma Ave.

From estate of Richard K. Erwin to Douglas and Christina Sorg


717 Old Farm Circle

From Sonia Pacheco and Gerardo Pacheco Mejia to Logan Brittish


218 W. Hollis Lane

From Richard A. and Christine E. Saalfrank to George Olney


4815 Tacoma Ave.

From Scott V. and Stephen V. Slater to Global Asset Recovery LLC


1341 Home Ave.

From NLI Family LP to Inpro REI LLC


231 W. Leith St.

From M. L. and Mary Patterson to Dora Luz Herenandez-Deloya


710 Old Farm Circle

From Kimberly Roebuck to Andrew Roebuck


3230 S. Calhoun St.

From Hlawn Par Maung to Aspen Partners LLC


602 Meyer Ave.

From Sriyan Perera to Joshua C. Maxwell


219 W. Leith St.

From Steven L. Ball to Tanisha L. Causey


4207 S. Calhoun St.

From James E. Jackemeyer to Jose R. Sanchez and Lilia S. Diaz


3721 Shady Court

From Rhonda M. Creech to Hugo Pedraza


807 W. Creighton Ave.

From Galaxy Services LLC to Adam Gerig


4015 Tacoma Ave.

From Redfli Design Build LLC to Michael D. Hafer


302 W. Fleming Ave.

From JMJ Real Estate Services LLC to Aspen Partners LLC


5208 S. Harrison St.

From Roger M. Bell as trustee of the Roger M. Bell Trust to George Olney


5940 S. Calhoun St.

From BK Gau Properties LLC to NEI Real Estate LLC


3011 Shawnee Drive

From Kirk Olson to Oak Hill Equity LLC


901 W. Rudisill Blvd.

From Larry M. Colley to Ruth I. Myers as trustee under the Ruth I. Myers Trust


2814 Indiana Ave.

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to CB Lansing 300 LLP


4230 Indiana Ave.

From Joel R. Kierns to Michael K. Vanover


119 S. Cornell Circle

From WCC Properties LLC to Leslie Fierro


7131 S. Calhoun St.

From O'Daniel Automotive Properties LLC to Sadruddin Kamdar


1120 Maple Ave.

From John R. Hornberger to Joan Baird



2615 N. Highlands Blvd.

From Jill M. Burnett to Anthony J. Metro and Clarissa D. Gamez


1510 Melrose Ave.

From Todd M. and Jill A. Ramsey to Tyra A. Simpson and Craig M. Monnier


1719 Purdue Drive

From U.S. Bank National Association to Sarah Alpert and Benjamin Laatsch


3930 Irene Court

From Rella M. Baker fka Rella M. Winchester Living Trust to Matthew E. and Dawn Harding


1318 Archer Ave.

From Prime Properties Corp. Inc. to Vian Brock A. and Frederick Kelly K.


663 Third St.

From Lovellette Michele to Grant Seth L. and Grant Melisa L.


4726 Kaibab Trail

From Eric D. Jaszarowski to Chase C. and Kendall C. Lafave


1901 Ellen Ave.

From Affordable Luxury Homes Inc. to Douglas A. and Sally Jo Cross


1821 Lathrop Drive

From Cory A. Frances and Dennis Clemens to Joseph L. Lavergne and Sara C. Pence


2511 Meadowsweet Court

From Lynn D. Stuckey to Susanne M. and Toby E. Richey


2616 Tyler Ave.

From Ralph J. Meeks Estate to Cathlenn B. and Randy L. Wolfe


820 Lillian Ave.

From Randy L. and Cathleen B. Wolfe to Mark A. Herrick


1906 Steup Ave.

From Adam L. and Jamie L. Jackson to Chad H. Sawyer


531 Lillian Ave.

From William L. and Janet L. Petgen to Heidi K. Ramseyer


1729 Sherman Blvd.

From Patrick A. and Lori A. Kelly to Vivienne M. Faulkner


2514 Poinsette Drive

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Property X LLC


636 Russell Ave.

From Matt McChesney to Bernard J. Stuller


1620 Spring St.

From Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Barbara L. Heinkel


1940 Sinclair St.

From the estate of Norman E. Keller to Westfield Homes by Graber Inc.


1621 Lindenwood Ave.

From John Haseltine to Anthony Ivy


926 Burgess St.

From RNI LLC to Inpro Rei LLC


1848 Purdue Drive

From Freddie Ochoa to Home 4 You LLC


820 Spring St.

From Billings Re LLC to Hungry Hill LLC


1910 Chochtimar Trail

From Robert F. Martin to Michelle Lovellette


640 Huffman St.

From Andrew Stump to Miranda E. Kolde


5063 Stone Canyon Passage

From Westport Homes of Fort Wayne Inc. to Misty D. Gordon


1341 Putnam St.

From Kristine White to Ashley Motz


1601 Spring St.

From Constance R. Reffeitt to Emily A. Phillips


1652 Circle Drive

From Kathryn J. Strahm to Samantha N. Gary


513 W. Fourth St.

From Nathan Collier to JNR Properties LLC


531 Fifth St.

From Daniel J. Glaser to Steven C. Wiley


3837 N. Wells St.

From Greg Pierce to Fort Wayne Curling Club Inc.


2525 St. Marys Ave.

From NLI Inc. to Porfirio V. Garcia


2615 Cambridge Blvd.

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Ebenezer Properties LLC


2507 Washington Court

From Bradford Pepple Roth IRA to Angelina S. Holmes-Lehman


2717 Wells St.

From F. William Gresham to Christopher Solmon


1421 Melrose Ave.

From Paul F. and Tina M. Gebert to Randall J. Yeager


4514 Flanders Court

From Fall Creek Homes Inc. to Daniel A. Freer


1937 Franklin Ave.

From Alan Edwards to Rick A. Philbee


1212 W. State Blvd.

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Nickolas J. Kohrman


1409 High St.

From Daryl Cavanagh to Adam Gerig


1409 High St.

From Adam Gerig to FWPG LLC


1629 Sinclair St.

From Loren D. Sheetz by Jill Lane, personal representative to Barbara A. Ashcraft


646 Huffman St.

From Thomas G. and Erika E. Meyer to Adam Gerig


2106 Wells St.

From Mirna S. Prowant to SLP LLC


1315 Schilling Ave.

From Charles E. Lengerich to Betty Graham


2018 Fairhill Road

From Valerie L. Beckler to Amber N. Diaz


1638 Hinton Drive

From Benjamin H. Davis to Kolby J. Knight


1926 Sinclair St.

From Mark E. Landis to Andreos M. Milentis


2020 August Drive

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Fannie Mae


NE Corner Executive/Directors Row

From Park Avenue LLC to Ciocca Properties LLC



11414 Branstrator Road

From Debra D. Bryson and Debra A. Ruth to Phillip E. and Nicole L. Dietsch


3626 Knoll Road

From Georgia M. Grady to Thomas W. and Laura L. Swartz


2214 Wawonaissa Trail

From Stephen and Joy Kabel toBenjamin and Kathryn Williams


11819 Bluffton Road

From Steven W. Neate and Pamela J. Klinger to Pedro Mendez


2703 Saint Louis Ave.

From Allan L. Woodmansee to Cliffard T. Lamp


4312 Rurode Lane

From Jack L. Baker by Greg A. Baker as AIF to Amie L. Baker


6612 Beaty Ave.

From Summit City Investments Inc. to Erin Wilson


6502 Old Trail Road

From Fannie Mae to Riley R. Fitzgerald


6502 Old Trail Road (BEH)

From Fannie Mae to Riley R. Fitzgerald


5007 Windy Knoll Court

From Aaron M. Hickman to Randall S. Pfefferkorn


2521 Genessee Ave.

From Frank A. Goodin and Kim E. Benson to Shelly D. Busick


2805 Waynewood Drive

From Joseph P. Martz to Cynthia E. Schmidt


3428 Three Oaks Drive

From Fannie Mae to Angelica Silva


5034 Ashwood Drive

From Scott P. and Regina A. Dantzer to Chad W. and Marnee A. Jenkins


3410 Three Oaks Drive

From Judi M. Loomis to Tonica Bassett


2215 Rehm Drive

From Rodney Kern to Danny Beineke


7209 Beaty Ave.

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to the O’Neal Group


2705 Fairoak Drive

From Allan L. Woodmansee to Jasmine E. Hardesty


7407 Bluffton Road

From Kevin R. Salge to Tim E. Hall


3801 Nokomis Road

From U.S. Bank National Association not individually but solely as trustee for Bluewater Investment Trust 20 to OL Group LLC



11019 Hopkinton Court

From James D. and Kathleen S. Bailey to Saul G. Solis and Andres M. Avila


13830 Ruffner Road

From R. Benjamin and Marla K. Kessler to Stephen and Ashley Blevins


3621 Cantwell Blvd.

From Stephanie S. Sibley to Todd V. and Candice L. Chaffee


11803 Crossway Drive

From Aditya Maheswari and Shraddha Mundhra to William Wen and Chun Hwa Chen by Peggy Weichi Chen Poa


6528 Glen Lake Court

From Collen K. Dixon to Don C. and Deborah A. Harrison


2904 Black Goose Blvd.

From Rudloph N. and Selendra W. Bowens to Nicholas K. and Elizabeth A. Rorick


13123 Cocoplum Court

From Sarah N. Brincefield to Michael R. and Erica L. Sorenson


13622 Ruffner Road

From Ron and Amy Hecht to David and Erin Friend


15294 Wrigley Court

From Windsor Inc. to Yong Kyoung Lee and Giwan Kim


2235 Longleaf Drive

From Chris M. and Kirsten M. Conner to Latorial A. and Halie L. Harris


3332 Treviso Cove

From AKM Enterprises LLC to Jonathan A. and Jennifer R. Elswick


13502 Emerald Run Court

From Granite Ridge Builders Inc. to Steven and Joanna Espinoza


11523 Ransgate Court

From Catherine T. Burris to Aaron V. and Kristy A. Samra


2522 W. Harbourside Drive

From Landon C. and Aubrey R. Geiger to Kevin and Laura Cox


11531 Brigadoon Court

From Deborah J. Westrick to Jared A. and Markle M. Meyers


2322 Turnberry Lane

From Linda Hamilton to Jeffrey A. and Mary B. Trypus


1208 Jacobs Drive

From Windsor Inc. to David M. and Nancy A. Tribolet


14477 E. Walnut Run

From Heller & Sons Inc. to Daniel and Rachel Eckert


14920 Waterbrook Road

From Daniel R. and Casey L. Norton to Kevin J. and Rebecca L. Lockhart


2963 Black Goose Blvd.

From Timberlin Homes LLC to Stephanie S. and Richard W. Sibley


11722 Tweedsmuir Run

From Douglas N. and Kayli J. Roop to Roderick L. and Storey A. Waters


1808 Calais Road

From Michael B. and Bridgett J. Harper to Sonny B. and Wilma C. Platkus


2968 Bristoe Lane

From Riley K. and Allyson J. Heller to Sarah N. Brincefield


12206 Cree Court

From Kerry S. and Kathy A. Kaufmann to George Guy


1515 Waxwing Court

From Kevin and Tsui Mei Wu to Matthew Warren


13576 Crescent Ridge Drive

From Oakmont Development Co. LLC to Westport Homes Inc.


1379 Hawks Ridge Cove

From Oakmont Development Co LLC to Westport Homes Inc.


13205 Crescent Ridge Drive

From Oakmont Development LLC to Westport Homes Inc.


13209 Crescent Ridge Drive

From Oakmont Development LLC to Westport Homes Inc.


1454 Glen Hollow Drive

From Westport Homes Inc. to Joseph M. Behling


1825 Faircloud Drive

From 592G LLC to Windsor Inc.


1825 Faircloud Drive

From Windsor Homes to Jane R. Meehan


13228 Magnolia Creek Trail

From Hamilton Community Developers LLC to Granite Ridge Builders Inc.


1208 Jacobs Drive

From County Line Ventures LLC to Windsor Inc.


10732 Summerhill Place

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Pingora Loan Servicing LLC


3731 Shinnecock Court

From Michael W. Thomas to the Christopher K. and Patricia L. Neff Joint Revocable Living Trust


6336 Orchard Lake Drive

From Saundra J. Craft to Violet M. Baruti


15294 Wrigley Court

From County Line Ventures LLC to Windsor Inc.


13109 Talis Court

From Westport Homes Inc. to Stephanie N. Brown


11318 Creekwood Drive

From G.S. Simmons, successor trustee of the A. Virginia Simmons to Brenda L. Long, trustee of the Brenda L. Long Revocable Trust


13038 Galena Creek Trail

From Granite Ridge Builders Inc. to Mia K. Starr



6428 Landmark Drive

From Linda Sheets to Danny and Abigail Sowles


7915 Oklahoma Trail

From Bianco Tamarie to Michael P. and Alyssa R. Rintz


6409 Wakopa Court

From Diane B. Bock to John P. and Amanda P. Etter


7715 Welshire Blvd.

From Luis C. Marquez to Richard J. and Amy B. Rouse


7432 Bent Willow Drive

From Rance A. and Sharon K. Nagley to Joshua W. and Amy S. Carter


3966 Westlane Road

From Jeffrey M. and Kathryn M. Austin to Christopher A. and Angela M. Smith


3610 Harrow Court

From Trevor and Laura Loxton to Stephanie M. and Bethany J. Kriner


3426 Maxim Drive

From R & B Enterprises FW LLC to Robert and Bryana Stoller


3017 Sandarac Lane

From Montana D. and Austin M. Glenn to Lindsay R. and Casey S. Krulik


5056 Stellhorn Road

From Joyce A. Butler to Charles T. and Charlotte A. Stovall


6520 Wakopa Court

From Susan G. Vanderbaan to Karen S. and Clifford M. Bishop


6533 Winnebago Drive

From Lora K. Troxel nka Lora K. Hernandez to Brian and Crista Miller


2615 Busche Drive

From Theresa A. Bellis and Mary A. Wagner to Jessica L. and Julia L. Hackenberg


1832 Coronet Drive

From Danny L. and Jeannette A. Shepler to Michael E. and Katie D. Lyles


8009 Casa Grande Court

From Larry Yates by Samuel Yates, AIF to Aaron T. and Kearstin S. Kraft


3724 Bluegrass Lane

From Bradley M. and Sarah M. Richmond to Philip D. and Melanie J. Schroeder


8223 Grand Forest Court

From Marina R. Garcia to and Misty E. Marquez


3209 Arrowwood Drive

From Clay D. and Diane Little to Jonathon B. and Nicole R. Studebaker


7405 Trotters Chase Lane

From Stellhorn Villa Properties LLC to Thomas F. and Pamela D. Garwood


3502 Weston Ridge Place

From Ann M. Linnemeier to Tennille D. and Robert M. Salazar


3411 Thames Drive

From Clearwood Funding LLC to Samuel L. Oren and Samantha E. Stone


2240 Cimarron Pass

From Robert W. and Bonnie J. Brothers to James and Sarah Fisher


8313 Sterling Way Court

From Rock Solid Real Estate LLC to Thomas J. and Shirley A. Brandt


2615 Kingston Point

From Robert T. and Jenine B. Burkhardt to Sally L. and Stanley J. Scheumann


7531 Tipperary Trail

From Anita L. Crusoe to Chad E. and Stephanie L. Auld


8726 Fortuna Way

From Joseph H. Richardson to Arthur R. and Sue E. Blauvelt


7513 Trotters Chase Lane

From Carriage Place Homes Inc. to the Marian J. Nott Irrevocable Trust


6309 Talbot Court

From Rebecca H. Holt to Brian K. and Tina M. Pinkerton


2424 Berkley Ave.

From Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Joel and Victoria Kruggel


6734 Kanata Court

From Mark W. and Sandra J. Rippe to William L. and Sarah J. Howard, as co-trustees of the Bluegreen Mountain Living Revocable Trust


3835 Oakhurst Drive

From Tyler D. and Breeyn K. Kees to Kristina A. Harris


4113 Oakleaf Drive

From Virgil Griffin and Glenda F. Griffin to Rick Widmann


4008 Willshire Estates Drive

From James and Elizabeth Ackmann Irrevocable Trust to Thin Khaing


3520 Windlass Court

From Steven A. and Kathleen T. Sullivan to Elizabeth A. Long


2222 Cimarron Pass

From Michael J. and Linda K. Wright to Rebecca J. Nordvik


7513 Tipperary Trail

From Charley J. Gonzalez and Tywonda L. Oden to Nickolas L. Hook


3910 Wyandotte Drive

From Lynn S. and Vicki S. Smuts to Joceann M. Finnegan


2424 Berkley Ave.

From Joel and Victoria Kruggel to Heather Muzzillo


5530 Lionel Drive

From Affordable Luxury Homes Inc. to Andrew White


3938 Oakhurst Drive

From Billy G. Smith to Colby D. Mowery


4066 Trier Road

From Janet I. Allen to Ian Pittaycox


7704 Preakness Cove

From Carole Weilbaker-Ivins to Suzanne A. Wyss


2904 Inwood Drive

From Matthew Webb to Tyler J. Richart


4166 Trier Road

From Heidi Bauerle to Patrick M. Delaney


5312 Forest Ave.

From Timothy W. Sweet by Steven Sweet, personal representative to Sam A. Beer


3627 Bobolink Crossover

From Corey Morton to Daniel Phillips


4316 Blair Lane

From Joan L. Krueckeberg to Erin N. Lengacher


7611 Placer Run

From Stacy L. Beber to Timothy J. Wolford


7616 Clover Meadow Drive

From Andrew B. Mansfield to Prime Properties


7914 Bruick Lane

From Christopher Chapman to Lisa M. Logan


8122 Welsch Drive

From Elizabeth L. Bailey to Tyler D. Werling


2522 Preston Drive

From Crystal Danals to Jeanette Rivera


2632 Knollridge Drive

From Susan J. Young to Mark D. Nash


3701 Inwood Drive

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Eisaman Real Estate Inc.


3346 Stellhorn Road

From Yoong Kwan and Tae Shin Oh to Speedway LLC c/o Real Estate


3908 Nottingham Drive

From Lisa M. Koop to Andrew J. Jacquay


4832 E. State Blvd.

From Donald D. Diller to Sheryl Longardner


1904 Trotter Court

From Jacquelyn F. Moore to Cheryl A. Sicks


3910 Yardley Court

From Judy N. Edgar to Robert W. Brase


4914 Vance Ave.

From WCC Properties LLC to Kirstin D. Oesch


7921 Tipperary Trail

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to 3C4D LLC


2002 Dominion Drive

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to WCC Properties LLC


1609 Lake Forest Drive

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.


2915 Inwood Drive

From Joshua W. Carter to Scott Stolarz


7616 Antebellum Drive

From NRZ REO VI-B LLC to Barbara J. Page


2824 Briar Rose Court

From the estate of Margaret E. Bauer to Chris Lanning


7513 Trotters Chase Lane

From Stellhorn Villa Properties LLC to Carriage Place Homes Inc.


4622 E. State Blvd.

From Phillips Family Investments LLC to the Granite Group - Fort Wayne LLC


2525 Reed Road

From Donald E. Brecht to Nancy D. Simmons


7722 Valley Meadows Drive

From Adam R. Cooper to Kiara L. Smith


7024 Antebellum Drive

From Jennifer L. Wilson to Alan R. Calvillo Ruiz


1122 Pinehurst Drive

From Nathan W. Lesh to Anne Ueber


3835 Dalewood Drive

From Sheriff David J. Gladieux to Brick Properties


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