After receiving a resounding vote of confidence from the electorate Nov. 5, and winning his fourth straight term, Fort Wayne Democratic Mayor Tom Henry reiterated many of his and the city’s accomplishments over the past 12 years before he turned to the future.

Before outlining plans and goals, he told Democrats gathered at the Grand Wayne Center, “So, my friends, what’s that saying? ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’”

Among his ideas for the next four years in office is a challenge he plans to put forth to local employers: paying employees $15 per hour, which he considers a living wage.

Henry also said he wants to focus on health issues. “My friends, we’re not as healthy as we should be,” he said. Specifically he wants to target obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and a high infant mortality rate. “We can do better than that,” he said.

Another goal is to create an arts campus “second to none.” He wants to expand trails, with the ultimate goal of having a continuous trail from Pokagon State Park in Steuben County to {span}Ouabache (pronounced Wabash) State Park in Wells County. {/span}

And he plans to put together a committee to look at ways of finding alternative energy to power local government buildings.

With all 211 precincts reporting to the Allen County Election Board, with 30.57% of registered voters casting ballots, unofficial results are as follows, with absentee ballots included in the totals:

Henry secured a win that never fell below a 60% lead, with 32,571 votes, or 61.2% of the total.

His Republican opponent, Tim Smith, had 20,643 votes, or about 38.8% of the total.

Henry’s fourth straight 4-year term has him poised to set a new record for consecutive years served. Harry W. Baals served 13 consecutive years, 1934-47.

In May, about 14.4% of registered voters went to the polls.

Campaign finance reports

Recently released campaign finance reports indicate both mayoral candidates raised more than $1 million, year-to-date. Smith raised $1.4 million; Henry raised $1.2 million.

Together, the two campaigns spent $1.8 million so far this year, with Smith spending $1.2 million and Henry spending $686,528.

New Haven mayor’s race

With 1,797 votes, Republican Steve McMichael had 65.4% of the votes to defeat Democrat Darren Peterson, who had 949 votes, or nearly 34.6% of the total, a strong lead that McMichael maintained throughout the night. McMichael will succeed Terry McDonald, who did not seek another term.

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