Michelle Chambers

Michelle Chambers speaks to the crowd Nov. 5 after securing a Fort Wayne City Council at-large seat.

All but one of the Fort Wayne City Council incumbents managed to keep their seats, some just barely getting by their opponents. Council will also be adding two women to the table with Democrat Michelle Chambers securing one of three at-large seats and Democrat Sharon Tucker representing the 6th District.

The other at-large council members are current Democratic 6th District Councilman Glynn Hines and current at-large councilman Thomas Freistroffer, a Republican. Incumbent Michael Barranda, a Republican, failed to get enough votes.

Current at-large councilman John Crawford, who unsuccessfully ran against fellow Republican Tim Smith in the primary for the mayor’s race, did not seek re-election.

This election will change the political split of Fort Wayne City Council come Jan. 1. Right now it is comprised of seven Republicans and two Democrats. When the new members are sworn in the new council will consist of five Republicans and four Democrats.

Hines, one of the two Democrats currently on council, told the jubilant crowd at the Grand Wayne Center on Nov. 5 that it was “miserable trying to get things done” with only two Democrats on council. “Now it’s 5 to 4. That’s a critical number to have.”

It will change the demographic representation of City Council as well. No women are currently on council and only one African-American — Hines. Chambers will be the first female African-American to ever hold an at-large seat. Tucker is an African-American woman who will represent the 6th District.

So the new composition Jan 1 will include three African-Americans, including two women.

With all 211 precincts reporting Nov. 5 to the Allen County Election Board, here are the results, which include absentee ballots:

District 1:

Incumbent Paul Ensley, R, 6,851 or 58.4%

Challenger Misti Meehan, D, 4,874 or 41.6%

District 2:

Unopposed Russ Jehl, R, 100%

District 3:

Incumbent Tom Didier, R, 5,289 or 64.1%

Challenger: John J. Henry, D, 2,964 or 35.9%

District 4:

Incumbent Jason Arp, R, 5,892 or 51.3%

Challenger Patti Hays, D, 5,584 or 48.7%

District 5:

Incumbent Geoff Paddock, D, 4,941 or 74.3%

Challenger Taylor Vanover, R, 1,709 or 25.7%

District 6:

Unopposed Sharon Tucker, D, 100%

At-large (three winners bolded)

Incumbent Michael Barranda, R, 24,160 or 16.4%

Incumbent Thomas Freistroffer, R, 26,311 or 17.9%

Challenger Nathan Hartman, R, 22,746 or 15.46%

Challenger Michelle Chambers, D, 24,719 or 16.8%

Challenger Steve Corona, D, 23,472 or 16%

Incumbent Glynn Hines,* D, 25,731 or 17.5%

*Hines is currently 6th District councilman

Some results may exceed 100% due to rounding

Columbia City

Columbia City Council Northeast

Walter Crowder, R, 77.84%

Jamie Overdeer Cline, D, 22.16%

South Whitley Clerk-Treasurer

Pamela Hoffman, R, 49.57%

Dawn Boggs, D, 41.81%

Bob Gould, I, 8.62%

South Whitley Town Council

(All Republicans)

Randall Cokl — 34.52%

Leslie Hoffman — 33.33%

Brock Waterson — 32.14%

Nicole Minier, editor of IN|Whitley County and the Churubusco News, contributed to this report.

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