Parkview Hospital Randallia and Parkview Regional Medical Center have been recognized for excellence in emergency care for older adults.

Both Fort Wayne hospitals earned accreditation from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) program.

The GEDA program, which includes three levels of accreditation, provides specific criteria and goals for emergency clinicians and administrators to target. According to the ACEP, geriatric EDs embrace a variety of best practices, including:

• Ensuring geriatric-focused education and interdisciplinary staffing

• Providing standardized approaches to care that address common geriatric issues

• Ensuring optimal transitions of care from the ED to other settings (inpatient, home, community-based care, rehabilitation, long-term care)

• Promoting geriatric-focused quality improvement and enhancements of the physical environment and supplies

Parkview Regional Medical Center earned a Level 2 Silver Accreditation in September, and Parkview Hospital Randallia earned a Level 3 Bronze Accreditation in March.

“Our senior population most frequently seeks emergency care, making it critical to support their unique needs and set them up for optimal follow-up care in other settings,” said Tom Gutwein, MD, medical director of emergency medicine, Parkview Health. “We’re proud of the teams at both of our Fort Wayne emergency departments for earning this accreditation and showing our commitment to excellent care for older adults.”

To learn more about the GEDA program and accreditation requirements, visit

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